Ever see a spider and your entire body freezes. Your heart is pounding. You know you should do something, move, kill it, flick it, but standing in the kill zone will likely get you bit. You don't move. You stare at the spider. Watching every creepy move it makes while you play out each scenario in your mind. If you run away, spider will be there again. You'll have to move your furniture in order to continually avoid, and if it's you he wants to eat, he'll just follow. You think of your shoe and smashing him, but if you miss he lunges at you or the ground and either your a goner or he's run into your closet with all shoes and clothes. You know flicking is a terrible idea...so you continue to stare. You stare until that moment he moves. You know if you don't move now, he will definitely get you. You quickly grab your shoe and in a Steven Seagal move you manage to smash him and you can finally breathe again. Have you ever had the exact same feelings about life? I have. I've easily avoided something I feared (even if it was a basic task) until forced to make a decision or choice. Fear brings with it so many other negative emotions that it can become difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I don't have a cure, but I know that when I've done these three things actively, I fear less. When I choose to face my fears, I fear less. Karaoke to face fear of singing in public, do the things I used to pay others for fear of failure to show I'm capable, you get the idea. Next, thinking of all I'm grateful for. When I think of all my blessings, it's hard to have anxiety. I think of how thankful I am for moments, people, love, and all that I get is love that fills my heart. And lastly, I love. When I show love towards others, my fears seem to fade. Helping someone in need rather than focusing on your problems will ultimately help them and heal your heart. Love more, fear less. Thought I'd share. :)