Growing, Learning, Loving

This year: I learn more how to be humble more than I ever have, I learn what it means to slow down, I learn that I have so much to learn, I learn what listening to your inner self means, I learn how to break down walls, I learn that everything I knew is all something to relearn, I learn that it's really great to learn. I hope that all I've gained in 3 months of 2017 proves how much more I have to gain for the rest of the year. I hope that at least one thing I do this year will help someone else who has faced the same strifes or similar, and I can actually do something to help them. I hope that my listening skills become greater than they ever were, and my thirst for knowledge and understanding becomes greater than they ever were. I hope I learn way more than I'm supposed to, and I hope I teach way more than I knew I could. I hope that all the skills I thought I never had, peak to where I will actually acknowledge them, and more so I hope that I encourage and empower those that doubt themselves. I know this is late in the "new year" cheer but I'm reflective, so March is where it's at. I've yet to figure out all the answers, but happy to observe the paths of others, learn from my own, and give back anything I may have to give. If you feel the same (don't feel the need to copy and paste to your wall, unless you really want to lol) just express your humanism in your words. Let's all be the ones to lift each other up and help make all of us our better selves.