Love Me?

I've talked to's mostly the same. We all say horrible things to ourselves or about ourselves every single day. We've somehow become or maybe always were, people that find truth in the lies we've bestowed upon ourselves and/or others bestowed. I know that we work hard to either hide this from the masses or we can even be so bold to state them aloud, but why? Lately, I've spoken to several people that either hide it well but admit they think negatively about themselves, or they constantly speak it aloud. Why do we naturally, it seems, hyperfocus on our shortcomings when there is so much good to share? I don't have the answer...I'm pondering, mainly, to figure out a reverse. What if we all saw the amazing gifts we were given? What if we looked at ourselves with loving eyes because we knew we could share our gifts? What if we learn to embrace what we feel are shortcomings and make them into challenges to overcome or things that aren't nearly as bad as the the playbook in our minds? What if what we think are shortcomings are just the thing we needed to help someone else grow stronger that in turn made us stronger? I know I struggle with it...hello I'm an actor...we're born with self doubt, but it's not just us. It's everyone. There's a deep seated insecurity system built in that needs to be given a different job. We need to redefine it into something that builds others which in turn builds the soul. Right? Idk...just more random thoughts by this gal. #hopeithelps