2018-Year of Renewal


As 2018 opens her eager eyes, I challenge all of us to shed our old skin. It’s time for something new. It’s time for our goals to not only be reached but for us to exceed them. It’s time to remove the obstacles that hold us back. Some of those are the messages we tell ourselves. We must change them. Some are the devices we hide behind. We must drop them. If we are bound by chains, this is the year to break them. We need to be focused. We need to be disciplined. If we do these things we can accomplish everything we set out to do and then go two steps further. Encourage others. Be a leader. Be a role model. Show kindness to our enemies. Remember that kindness is not weak. It takes more courage and strength to love the unlovable. Happy New Year! Let’s make it the best year. Cheers 2018!🎆🥂