Dear Men,

I am a very strong, very independent woman. I was raised to lean on myself and never to need a man. I wasn’t taught this so I could become a feminist, or hate men, or be alone, rather I was taught this so that the bar for the man I chose would need to be higher. It’s taken me years to understand this. I cannot speak for all women, so I’ll speak my truth for me and maybe others that feel the same. I want a man who can lead on the dance floor. I don’t want to teach him to dance, or to pretend like he knows. I want him to lead and I want to follow so that the dance looks beautiful. I want him to teach me new steps and encourage me to excel as he learns new steps. I want to know when he dips me he’ll protect me. But that he doesn’t constantly keep me from dancing because of his fear of dropping me or his ego of others seeing. I want to know and trust, he’s got this. And if he doesn’t that he won’t ask me to dance until he’s figured out how. Until then, I will continue to dance alone. I will continue to dance better. I will flourish. So men. Step up. You want women to trust you, to let you lead, to let you protect them...but how is she to do this if you are immoral, untrustworthy, ego driven, and controlling rather than protecting, encouraging, honest, and loving. Women are only getting stronger. Men, a lot of you have some catching up to do. A lot of you need to exceed in order for the women to trust you in all steps of the dance.